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COVID-19 and Investments

Our nation has been hit with a terrible virus that has devastated many families in 2020 and in 2021 it is still unknown how this will affect home owners. There is no doubt going to be a huge amount of home owners going into foreclosure and we are positioning ourselves to help them! 

What we are doing to help retain homes. First Method.

With our Affiliates we are putting together teams to help those who may lose their homes. We have the ability to refinance investment properties which are being hit hard due to the inability to collect rent. Refinancing in many cases will lower the burden on the home owner and help retain the property.

What we are doing to help retain homes. Second Method.

We have Private Investors that may refinance the property.

What we are doing to help retain homes. Third Method.

If refinancing isn’t the solution then the only solution may be to purchase the property from the owner to preserve their credit

What we need!

We are looking for more affiliates to add to our teams that may have access to other funding avenues.



Multifamily Projects

Less risk for lenders means easier financing

Multifamily properties like apartment complexes require a higher initial investment than single-family real estate properties. That might seem like a deal-breaker, but the reality is that while multi-family loans are larger, they’re less risky for lenders because they generate cash flow even when not fully occupied. A single-family home, on the other hand, could be high-risk because, when vacant, it generates no cash flow and carries a higher probability of borrower default.

Higher occupancy equals cash flow for landlords

High occupancy rates are the primary goal with rental property investments, but a single-family home that is unoccupied is a liability that many investors cannot afford to risk. While rents may offer a higher profit margin for single-family properties, multi-family rentals are more affordable for prospective tenants and easier to market for more stable income. Granted, there will always be certain markets in which single-family properties are in high demand, but a successful multi-family investment property rarely sees occupancy rates that result in negative cash flow..

Ease of maintenance and upgrades

Multifamily properties are also easier to maintain due to efficiency of scale. Any real estate investment will require regular maintenance such as roofing repair and replacement, and that’s where multi-family properties help investors save money by sharing a common roof. Owners can also save on other upgrades like windows and doors, insulation, and exterior painting for multiple rentals within a single building.

Multi-family housing is recession-proof

Despite high-profile news stories about renters being unable to pay their rent during the pandemic, the National Multifamily Housing Council recently reported that more than 80 percent of apartment renters were current on their rent in March, and those numbers have been steadily increasing. When you also consider that current interest rates are at an all-time low, it seems that buying multifamily properties could be a good hedge against hard times.

Hiring a property management company is always a good move for multi-family investors who do not want to spend their time marketing, collecting rent, and performing maintenance and repairs. Class A Management professionals are prepared to handle all the details, from pre-purchase consulting to deciding when it is time to sell, and everything in between. Contact us today to learn more about how to maximize your return on investment with a team that wrote the book on multi-family property management best practices.

New Construction

High Risk High Return

New Construction has a higher risk factor, which means if you know what you are doing it also has a higher return on investment! You will have a larger amount of skin in the game or also know as equity and you can transfer this risk to partners. This means you share in the risks but also share in the rewards.

Know your niche!

New construction can include manufactured homes, pre-fabricated homes, SFRs, apartments, condos, townhouses, retail, business or even mixed use. Depending on  LOCATION of the niche product will also determine you chance of success.

We Have Hands On experience

We know what NOT to do when investing!