About Us


My Story

Curtis Stohr Jr. manages Buy More, LLC and is the President of Tiger Property Investments, LLC (TPI) and both companies together has developed a network of real estate investor groups from around the country, with expectations for continued expansion. Currently we conduct business in several states along with Puerto Rico and Mexico. TPI and BUY MORE has been a strategic partner of the investor group focused on mitigating risk for the investor. We have also built “boots on the ground” (BOTG) teams in each area, which includes project managers, attorneys, licensed brokers, title & escrow companies, and experienced contractors in close proximity to the funding project. Using these methods, Tiger Property Investments LLC has helped real estate investors exceed their return on investment (ROI) expectations while maintaining the safety of their funds.

What We Offer

Support network consisting of experts in their perspective fields.

We Understand Requirements

We are solution oriented and haven't met a problem we couldn't solve. Sometimes that means it can't be solved.

We Work Precisely ​

After the plan is established we move forward with a fast pace keeping the requirements in line.

We Deliver Best Output​

Our teams are know for putting in 110% into all that they do. If this means working longer hours they won't complain.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

You will hear from us!