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responsible for helping source, analyze, perform due diligence on, and negotiate the purchase, management, and funding of projects.

Who is Tiger Property Investments?

Where We Build Your Visions

Tiger Property Investments Inc. (TPI) was formed in 2012 and specialized in Residential Rehab and Resale projects, and did well in 2012, so we decided to start Private Lending in 2013, and TPI has grown from $400,000 in assets to more than $15 million in our first 3 years. We have been able to accomplish this largely because of our philosophy to create win, win scenarios. We do this by building mutually beneficial relationships with our fellow investors and our borrowers/partners. We have gained a broad knowledge base through our own active participation in real estate investing, and lending.

Currently we conduct business in several states along with Puerto Rico and Mexico. TPI has been a strategic partner of the investor group focused on mitigating risk for the investor. We have also built “boots on the ground” (BOTG) teams in each area, which includes project managers, attorneys, licensed brokers, title & escrow companies, and experienced contractors in close proximity to the funding project. Using these methods, Tiger Property Investments Inc. has helped real estate investors exceed their return on investment (ROI) expectations while maintaining the safety of their funds.

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Our Specialties

Our Teams have the experience in the following areas.

Risk Mitigation

Risk can be reduced but you have to know the strategies.

Assset Protection​

Important in a litigious society! Everyone is looking for a way to sue you!


Our partners can fund just about any project!


Reduce risk with more doors! Making it easier to finance!.

Business Strategies

More than just a business plan! It's about the "Big Picture!"

Family Investments

Family is first! The foundation of any group is each person's family.

What Our Clients Say

I am extremely grateful for our friendship, the continued support, guidance and wisdom which Curtis offers as a close friend and business associate. Without a doubt, Curtis is one of the most knowledgeable and sincere mentors I have met in all my careers. I am humbled to work with Curtis as his passion has shifted to Family Investing; a concept previously coveted only by the extremely wealthy. I stand absolutely confident that anyone deciding to work with Curtis and the Family Investor will reap incredible insight and knowledge with how to manage their finances in a capacity formally only for the elite like the Rockefellers. Without any hesitation I strongly encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Curtis to begin a journey that could provide you the ultimate financial freedom and independence you desire!
Steve S
Ntegrity Networks
The most important step to successful real estate investing and private lending is to first buy right and lend right, respectively. Curtis was our "go to" guy for this vital analysis step, which was the secret to our success. Curtis worked tirelessly when others gave up or took shortcuts, and was always selflessly willing to teach others.
Tip P
Real Estate Investor
I have been a colleague of Curtis Stohr for 5 years now and find him to be one of the smartest, most knowledgeable professionals I know. Curtis is one of those rare people who Loves diving into the details while at the same time holding the big picture. He is a great teacher and full of knowledge and no matter what we are doing, he quickly becomes the expert. He is also incredibly organized and so very patient really caring that the knowledge he has, is truly understood by those around him. He really goes the extra mile, and I trust his wisdom
Real Estate Entrepreneur